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The Christian life is not meant to be lived alone.  We were created for connection- with God and one another.  Depending on where are you on your spiritual journey and where your personal faith needs are, we have our Community Groups (midweek Bible study groups) and Prayer Groups to grow together deeper in our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Community Groups
God designed people for community; each of us has a desire “to belong” somewhere in which we can better understand and live out the Christian life.  Join and experience Christian community in a small group to pray, learn, grow, and serve together.  Our Home Groups meet in member’s homes every week or twice a month on a variety of days and times.

Our Community Groups practice four things together:

1.        Create close community and fellowship with one another.

2.       Study the Bible and help each other apply it to their daily lives.

3.       Participate in serving each other and in mission to the community.

4.       Pray for the needs of friends, neighbors, the church, and each other.

How to Join

To sign up for a newly forming group, watch for advertisements.

To start a new group, gather up a few friends and email Sonya Shahan at  It only takes a minimum of four people to start a new group!  Training for facilitating and hosting a home group and Bible study resource support provided.

Prayer Groups
Our Prayer Groups are small groups of 4-6 people who are building community and growing in their relationship with Jesus Christ as they meet for approx. 1-1 1/2 hour each week. They ask the question each week, "How is your relationship with God?  What is God asking you to do this week to grow in that relationship?" and they pray for one another. 

How to join:

  1. Talk with Sonya Shahan at about how to go about inviting others you know to join you to form a new Impact Group with you.
  2. If there are others who have been waiting for one to form, we will work on getting the group together.  Email Sonya Shahan at if you are interested.