Welcome to Children's Ministry

Genesis chapter 6 begins teaching us how God, only eight hundred years after creating this world, saw corrupt,  violent men that needed a ‘’do-over”. God found favor with one man and his family, Noah, and instructed Noah to build an ark.  God wanted Noah to build an ark to  protect his family and some of God’s most innocent and precious creations.  God cleansed the Earth with a flood thus beginning man’s  “do-over”.
Building the ark was neither easy nor quick for Noah and his family.  It took planning, supplies, hard work, determination and, most  importantly, lives devoted to the glory of the Lord.  When all was complete, Noah’s obedience to the Lord saved his family and God’s creatures.

I truly believe Fellowship UMC is blessed to have Pastor Edlen who is devoted to the service of our Lord and wants to lead our church family in revamping individual ministries so that we, too, can protect, serve and equip God’s most precious creations here in our community. I am so excited to join the staff in this endeavor and work with our entire church family to ‘build an ark’ that will protect our children, continue to teach them the word of God, and serve our young families by equipping them with God’s armor.  Like the ark, the build will not be easy or quick, but it will definitely be worth the ride!

I invite you to join the ride and experience all that our Children’s Ministry has to offer.  We offer a fun and exciting way for your child to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and to learn how to live by God’s word.  To visit about any of these ministry opportunities contact me, Stephanie Darter, stephanie@fumctc.com.

FOOTNotes  Each Sunday morning at 9am, K-5th graders are invited to join our children's choir group. The group meets in the choir room.  

Sunday Morning Tool Time Join us at 9:30am or 11:00am for fun-filled, age-appropriate Bible studies.  The children are taught Biblical truths, play games related to the lesson and usually, go home with a little something special to help remember God's word. 

Children's Mystery Box The second Sunday of each month Pastor Edlen will welcome the Fellowship Kids (K-5th) into the sanctuary worship with a special message.  Kids will place a mystery item in the box and Pastor Edlen will give an impromptu kids lesson based on the surprise item.  The Mystery Box Message takes place at the 9:30 and 11am hour.

Special Events  We have many special events through the year! Some of our special events include:

Camp BIBLE at the Bridgeport Conference Center (3rd-5th)
Trophy Club Family Fest
Treat Street
Jesus' Birthday Bash
Art Show Luncheon featuring Childrens' Artwork
Seder Meal Presentation
Volunteer Appreciation Celebration
Vacation Bible School